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Kids Love to Visit Our Dental Office

When kids and teens visit our dental office, they love the experience. At Dentistry for Children and Teens, we work hard to make sure our patients are comfortable and happy. Here’s just a few of the reasons that kids and teens like coming to our dental office.

Pediatric Dentists that Care

Pediatric dentists have special training that allow them to work with children’s teeth, but beyond that, these professionals truly enjoy working with children. They create an atmosphere that is welcoming, patient, and kind.

At Dentistry for Children and Teens, Dr. Wesley Powell is the clinic’s pediatric dentist. He has worked with children around the country, as a pediatric dentist and also on a volunteer basis. When you read the reviews, you can see how much patients love him. That’s even true of patients who had trouble with previous dentists.


Help From Parents

We understand that some children feel more comfortable having their parents nearby, but we also understand that as children get older, they may want some independence during their appointments. To facilitate that, we allow parents back by the dental chair if desired, but we’re also flexible. Kids can also come back on their own, while the parents stay in the waiting room. We think you should do what’s right for your family.


Orthodontic Treatment in One Place

You can also get orthodontic treatment from our dental office. Many kids love that they don’t have to start working with a new professional when they need braces. Instead, they can just stay in the environment where they are the most comfortable.


Children’s Reward Program

Another reason children like our dental office is due to our rewards program. We offer children a chance to earn rewards at every appointment, and we pay out cash when children reach certain milestones. Usually, it’s a dollar for every 50 points.

Our patients earn rewards for being on time for their appointments, practicing good oral hygiene, and not having broken brackets on their braces. We also offer rewards to patients who get good grades on their school report cards as well as rewards to families who refer their friends or family to our office.


Fun and Friendly Environment

Our dental office is a fun environment for kids. As you can see when looking through our staff photos, smiles are important to us. In the waiting room, we have a fort for kids to play in, a video game console, and lots of toys. For old fashioned fun, we have a classic carousel horse turned into a rocking horse.

If you like fish, we have an awesome aquarium as well. Back in the exam rooms, we have shelves full of books and stuffed animals. That can be great for siblings or for kids who need a bit of extra comfort in the exam chairs. We also have a chest full of little prizes that kids can choose from after their appointment.


If you want your kids to enjoy their time at the dental office, we urge you to make an appointment with us today. At Dentistry for Children and Teens, we have extended hours to work around your schedule and two convenient locations. Call us in Northlake at 770-934-5900 or in Buckhead at 404-252-5900.