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What it’s Like Getting Braces Put On

For many children and teens, getting braces is a rite of passage. Orthodontic care helps to straighten your smile, but even more importantly than that, it helps to safeguard your bite so that you can avoid issues down the road in adulthood. Wondering what it’s like getting braces put on? Here’s a look at the process.

What Happens at a Braces Consultation?

Generally, when you need braces in Atlanta, the process starts with a consultation. During that appointment, our pediatric dentists look over your mouth and help you decide what you need. In some cases, it’s necessary to extract teeth before getting braces put on. In other cases, you may need to wait for certain teeth to erupt.


What Is It Like Getting Braces Put On?

Getting braces put on is a relatively straightforward procedure, and it doesn’t even require anesthesia. The doctor uses a special glue to attach brackets to your teeth. Then, archwires are stretched between the brackets, and finally, elastic bands hold everything together.


Does Getting Braces Hurt?

The steps above do not hurt. The biggest complaint some patients have is about the taste of the glue, but a quick rinse at the end of the appointment is all you need to get rid of that. However, you may notice a little soreness in your teeth and gums. Don’t worry—that’s to be expected. The braces are designed to move your teeth, and that can create some soreness.


How Can You Stop Soreness From Braces?

If your mouth feels sore after getting braces, you may want to stick to soft foods. You can also take an over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen. In most cases, children shouldn’t take aspirin unless advised to do so by their pediatrician. Generally, the pain goes away within a day or two after the appointment. If you experience severe pain, that is abnormal, and you need to reach out to your doctor.


Do Braces Scratch Your Mouth?

In some cases, metal braces or brackets may scratch the inside of your mouth. That is a relatively common occurrence, and luckily, your mouth should heal quickly.

If the inside of your mouth gets scratched by your braces, try not to play with the sore with your tongue. To numb the pain, apply a bit of Orajel or a similar product in that area. You can prevent future scratches or sores by applying wax to your braces. That softens their impact on your mouth.


What Happens at Follow Up Appointments?

When you have braces, you come in for routine follow-up appointments. During these appointments, your doctor adjusts the wires, tightening them as needed. You also get new elastic bands at these appointments. You can choose the colors you like, and for some kids and teens, this is a great way to personalize the look, and it makes getting braces a bit more fun.


If you or your child is thinking about getting braces, contact Dentistry for Children and Teens today. We are a pediatric dentist located near Atlanta in Tucker. For your convenience, we’re also opening a second location in the Chastain Park/Buckhead area of Atlanta.